About Mindoro

When one visualizes the Philippines, you easily picture the many islands that make up this archipelago country. Each island brings a character on its own. Different cultures brought on by the isolation the surrounding water provides. Mindoro is one the many islands that the Philippines has to offer and with it, many beautiful things.
It is said that Mindoro got its name from the Spaniards when it was called “Mina De Oro”, translated as “Gold Mine”. The 10,572 sq km (4,082 sq mi) island lies in west central Philippines. Along its spine is a mountainous range that runs a hundred miles and its highest peak, Mount Halcon has an elevation of 2,585 m (8,481ft).
Mindoro is divided into two provinces, Oriental Mindoro to the northwest and Occidental Mindoro to the southeast. A main road circumnavigates the whole island and most of the island inhabitants are serviced by this road. It lays mostly on the outer rim of Mindoro and passes through many beautiful villages and beaches.
The island mostly thrives on agriculture and fishing. Rice farms carpet the island with many green fields and farmers make good use of the roads by laying their rice right on top of it where it gets good sun exposure.
There are many beautiful towns to note. In Occidental Mindoro, Abra De Ilog greets you as you arrive off the “Roro” (Ride On Ride Off ferry). Not too far away to the east,¬†the town of Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro is a white sand destination with many little resorts to relax and stay at. About a half hour drive on the road from Abra De Ilog is the town of Mamburao, where you’ll find our pride and joy; La Playa Mindoro Resort.
Photo Cred: Gilber Jiminez Pantoja
Apo Reef
Many adventures await you in Mindoro including the world famous diving destination Apo Reef. It’s a protected underwater biological haven that allows many divers to view one of the country’s most beautiful coral reefs. We are currently working on offering tours that leave straight from La Playa and take you to the Apo Reef by boat. Otherwise, divers would have to travel to the town of Sablayan to access the reef.
Photo Cred: Jonard Insigne

Hiking the mountainous regions is an explorer’s dream. Many trails lead to beautiful vistas and if you dare trek long enough, you’ll find yourself in the presence of refreshing waterfalls.

Photo Cred: Jonard Insigne
There’s still much to explore in Mindoro. Be a part of the discovery and stay with us at La Playa Mindoro Resort. You won’t be disappointed.
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